Fokkernews June 2022 (issue 54)

General news

Fly All Ways will start nonstop flights from Georgetown to Havana on 16 July 2022. The aircraft type to be used is not announced, but the Surinamese carrier has a fleet of three F70, and just announced to lease one Airbus A320 from Galistair in Malta.
Somalian Jubba Airways with a fleet of three F50s ceased all operations in June 2022.

Fokker F27, Fokker 50 & Fokker 60

c/n type registration new registration comment
20111 050 5Y-MIS Maandeeq Air. Noted Nairobi-Wilson in April 2022 without engines
20114 050 5Y-CHK Dragonfly Africa. Reportedly leased from Skyward International as of 29 April 2022. More information and pictures would be welcome.
20122 050 5Y-SMX Skyward International. Seen at Nairobi-Wilson April 2022, stored without engines.
20168 050E 5Y-SMN Silverstone Air Services. Seen early April 2022 in the storage area of Nairobi-Wilson, missing its engines.
20177 050 5Y-SMT Maandeeq Air. Seen at Nairobi-Wilson April 2022, in new livery.
20180 050E 5Y-IZZ Silverstone Air Services. Seen flying April 2022 at Nairobi-Wilson, all white.
20192 050 5Y-SMZ Skyward International. Seen at Nairobi-Wilson April 2022, broken up.
20207 050 5Y-GIG Bush Air Safaris. Permanently withdrawn from use, seen Nairobi-Wilson early April 2022.
20232 050 5Y-JXJ Jubba Airways ceased operations June 2022. Aircraft returned to Skyward.
20233 050 5Y-JXK Skyward International. Seen April 2022 at Nairobi-Wilson, receiving maintenence.
20239 050 5Y-JXN Jubba Airways ceased operations June 2022. Aircraft returned to Skyward.
20244 050 5Y-IZO Silverstone Air Services. The wreck is dumped in a corner of Nairobi-Wilson airport as of beginning April 2022. The left-hand side is all white, the right-hand side still carries the registration and tail logo.
20260 050 5Y-JRN Skyward Express. Noted April 2022 at Nairobi-Wilson in the storage area, looking derelict.
20261 050 6O-JAF Jubba Airways ceased operations June 2022. Aircraft put into storage.
20288 050 5Y-JNR Silverstone Air Services. Seen in the storage area of Nairobi-Wilson in April 2022, still in Insel Air livery.

Fokker F28, Fokker 70 & Fokker 100

c/n type registration new registration comment
11369 100 YR-FKB Carpatair. Starting 31 May 2022 this F100 is operating for AirBaltic. It is based in Riga for the the summer 2022 season, and flies under BTI flight numbers mainly on routes to Scandinavian destinations. The exterior carries no signs of its temporary operator.
11505 100 VH-NQZ Network Aviation (Qantas Link). Contrary to prior statements, testflight and entry into service have not been realized yet. The aircraft is still worked on in Perth.
11582 070 PJ-JAC Jetair Caribbean. After completion of heavy maintenance made a testflight at Woensdrecht 15 June 2022 and departed to CuraƧao 17 June, where it arrived 20 June after stops at Keflavik, Kangerlussuaq, Quebec and Freeport.

Aerial view of one of the storage corners at Wilson airport, with Maandeeq Air 5Y-MIS (20111) with its red tail in front. The three other F50s are, anti-clockwise, Silverstone 5Y-IZO (20244), Skyward 5Y-JRN (20260) and Silverstone 5Y-SMN (20168), respectively. (Undisclosed; Nairobi-Wilson, April 2022)


Skyward International 5Y-SMX (20122) is also stored at Wilson, devoid of its engines, yet otherwise looking intact. (Undisclosed; Nairobi-Wilson, April 2022)


Unlike many other Fokkers in Kenya, this one is not fully white. Silverstone Air Services had the large cargo door of 5Y-ELY (20149) painted yellow, similar to the green 5Y-JWB (see Fokkernews 49 of January 2022). The right-hand side of the freighter is all white. (Ubax Abdirahman Hirsi on Facebook; unknown location, 10 April 2022)


In full new colors sporting their camel logo on the tail is Maandeeq Air F50 5Y-SMT (20177), with engineless Jetways 5Y-JWG (20191) in basic Miniliner livery in front. (Undisclosed; Nairobi-Wilson, April 2022)


Clearly showing the colors of its previous operator Travel Air of Papua New Guinea, Skyward International 5Y-SMZ (20192) is missing many parts now. (Undisclosed; Nairobi-Wilson, April 2022)


Recently Skyward Express has minimal, red titles applied to 5Y-JWZ (20208). (Guido Warnecke on FlightAware; Nairobi-Wilson 29 May 2022)


Stored next to the Blue Air hangar on Wilson is Silverstone Air Services 5Y-JNR, still in the distinctive livery of Insel Air with even the old registration PJ-KVM on top of the wings. (Undisclosed; Nairobi-Wilson, April 2022)


After seven years of inactivity at Maastricht-Aachen airport, F100 PH-ABW (11493) that was intended for Air Hollandia but never flew for them, was finally broken up. This picture shows that the cabin is empty and ready for cutting into pieces. (Jeroen Stroes; St. Truiden, 12 June 2022)


Now Alliance Airlines have removed the special 'RedS official airline partner' titles from F70 VH-JFE (see Fokkernews 53), they continue to advert their partnership with the famous rugby team on VH-NKQ (11572). It appears already adorned with these decals since February 2022, but we had not yet published a picture. (Brendon Giacomin on Flickr; Brisbane, 2 May 2022)


All photographers named above,,, CH-Aviation, Merv Crowe, FlightAware, Fred Niven, Jacques Vooren.

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