Picture of the month 65 (May 2023)

Maersk is a large Danish company, particularly known from its container business, which developed to one of the world’s biggest container shipping lines. It is controlled by the Møller family who has a white seven-pointed star on a light blue background as their emblem. Although best known from shipping, Maersk is active in many other industries, amongst which aviation.

In 1969 Maersk Air became a Fokker customer and over the years used in total 18 F27 Friendships and from the late eighties 10 F50 aircraft, under the Maersk Air and Star Air brands. One of the early Friendships was OY-DHW (10396), which flew in a non-standard livery. It was leased for six months in 1971 from Danish Aero Lease, probably to fill a gap in their own F27 fleet. Here it is seen in a stunning night shot, made at Stauning airport by Stig Olaf Sund in 1971 (processed by his son Thorbjørn Brunander Sund on Facebook).