This website is the continuation of Fokker News that was hosted for many years by the team of AIRNieuws ( When they had to terminate their activities, I decided to build a new website in order to persue providing the global Fokker airliners community with updates and pictures. Fokkernews is dedicated to the memory of Frans van Zelm.

This website contains recent owner and operator changes and other news related to the individual airframes of Fokker F27 (including Fokker 50 & Fokker 60) and Fokker F28 (including Fokker 70 & Fokker 100). Also the Fairchild models F-27 & FH-227 are part of Fokkernews. All airframes are printed in order of their manufacturer serial number (c/n).

Hans Hoffmann, editor




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Although the website is compiled with utmost care no guarantee can be given that the information provided is accurate. The editor does not accept liability for any possible consequences of inaccurate information. The editor cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by using information from this site.

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