Picture of the month 67 (July 2023)

One of the more exotic registrations worn by an F27 was 3C-QQB. Trygon Ltd., a Southend based aircraft and parts dealer, used the Equatorial Guinea register in 2000 for an F27-600 that it had bought from Uganda Airlines, where it had been 5X-UWX (10571). In those days the 3C-register had a somewhat murky reputation and it was often used by aircraft brokers for transactions with aircraft in the later part of their economic life. Trygon have used the register for nine Friendships (Fokker and Fairchild).

The picture shows 3C-QQB passing through Athens on transfer from Africa to Europe. The Uganda Airlines cheatline is clearly recognizable and on top of the front door there is a tiny TAG title. Very little is known about TAG as an F27 operator, so if you have information, please share it. The aircraft flew from Athens via Venice to Cologne-Bonn and later on to Dinard were it was stored until acquired by Laoag International Airways in 2001. (George Pantalos; Athens-Hellinikon, 30 October 2000).