Picture of the month 75 (March 2024)

Two identical F27 Troopships? Almost, but not exactly.

In August 2003 the Royal Netherlands Air Force changed the gate guard at Eindhoven Air Base. Until then the “real” C-8 (10158) had been on gate duty for years but it needed to be replaced due to its poor condition. The replacement aircraft was C-12 (10162), which had been painted in the same display color scheme as sister C-8. The only difference is that at the time the true C-8 had “F27 display” titles and C-12 not; these titles were applied later. While the original C-12 serves as the gate guard for over 20 years disguised as C-8, the true C-8 is an instructional air frame, also at Eindhoven Air Base. (Michiel van Herten; Eindhoven, 28 August 2003).