Fokkernews January 2023 (issue 61)

General news

.Fly All Ways (Surinam) is offering Georgetown – Bridgetown nonstop flights with F70 effective from 03 January 2023.

Fokker F27, Fokker 50 & Fokker 60

c/n type registration new registration comment
10115 200VIP 59-0259 Philippine Air Force. On 1 December 2022 this VIP aircraft was withdrawn from use. At that moment is was the oldest Friendship still flying, no less than 63 years after it was delivered to its first and only operator.

Fokker F28, Fokker 70 & Fokker 100

c/n type registration new registration comment
11369 100 YR-FKB Carpatair. Flew from Toulouse to Woensdrecht 16 January 2023 as KRP5001, for some maintenance.
11417 100 5B-DDD TUS Airways. Registration cancelled from the Cypriot register in 2022. The aircraft was broken up at Larnaca in May 2022 (see Fokkernews 53 for a picture).
11427 100 5B-DDE TUS Airways. Registration cancelled in April 2020 to 2-BDDE. This is remarkable, as the latter was considered fake since it never appeared in the official Guernsey register. This F100 is still stored at Groningen airport, wearing 2-BDDE on a sticker.
11559 70 TL-AET 5Y-MMB Salaam Air Express. The registration in the Central African Republic was replaced with a Kenyan one. The exact date is not known.
11562 70 5B-DDF 5Y-IFA TUS Airways. Registration cancelled from the Cypriot register in 2022. The aircraft became 5Y-IFA with I-Fly in Kenya on 18 November 2022 (see Fokkernews 59).

In addition to the pictures of two former NEPC Airlines Friendship in Fokkernews 59 (November 2022), we have found information on two sister ships. One F27 has found a new home in a resort close to the Shri Khatu Shyam temple in Alipur, New Delhi. It is intended to become a restaurant. As the picture shows, two different registrations are visible on the airframe: VT-NEG (10679) on the tail and VT-NEK (10687) under the wing. Although we assume that it is really VT-NEK, its identity remains to be confirmed. (Tarum Kumar on Google; Alipur, December 2022)


Also another former NEPC Airlines Friendship, VT-NEB (10690), is planned as a future restaurant. It sits on a private property just south of Kud, along highway HN44 between Jammu and Srinagar. (Yogesh Bansal on Google; Kud, October 2022)


Jetways 5Y-JWC (20118) lost the red tail colors that it sported since its days with Magic Bird Cargo, but retained its blue cargo door. (EU Civil Protection & Humanitarian Aid; unspecified location in South Somalia, 24 November 2022)


One of the last F100s still flying commercial services in Europe is Carpatair YR-FKB (11369). It came in for some small repairs with Fokker Services, so it will soon be back in the air. (Ralph Hamaker; Woensdrecht 16 January 2023)


Recently Salaam Air Express had its F70 transferred to the Kenyan register, as 5Y-MMB (11559). (Clive Grant on Facebook; Nairobi-Jomo Kenyatta, 17 January 2023)



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