Picture of the month 76 (April 2024)

There are not too many police forces worldwide that operate airliner-type aircraft and even less that do operate Fokkers. One of these is the Royal Thai Police that bought a Fokker 50 in 1992. It belongs to the 3rd Division of the Royal Thai Police Aviation Division, the fixed-wing unit of the force that is based on Don Muang airport of Bangkok. Apart from the F50, the 3rd Division currently flies with two Casa-IPTN CN-235, one Falcon 2000, three DHC-6 (of which one on floats) and two Beech 300 aircraft. The F50 is configured as a multi-role transport and is reported to have flown Thai Royal family members. As the F50 is mainly operating within Thailand, not many pictures are published. A recent example is shown here; on the right hand side the titles are in Thai script, while the left hand side carries English titles. (Steven Page; Phuket, 17 January 2024)

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