Fokkernews April 2024 (issue 76)

General news

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Fokker F27, Fokker 50 & Fokker 60

c/n type new registration registration comment
10138 200 EB-91 Bolivian Army. In 2023 it was announced that overhaul of this legacy F27 had started with assistance by Bolivian Air Force technical staff. It will be great to see it active again in the years to come.

Fokker F28, Fokker 70 & Fokker 100

c/n type new registration registration comment
11106 1000 C-FTAV Canadian Regional. The Time Air Historical Society has begun transporting their Fellowship from Saskatoon to Lethbridge. It is planned to arrive there on 29 April 2024. After restauration it will be on display in the Aviation Museum in the 1991 Time Air ‘Silver Jubilee’ livery.
11321 100 2-OAOM 4O-AOM Airline Fleet Support of the Netherlands bought this F100 and had it re-registered 11 March 2024. The Fokker was stored in Podgorica since 2020 and ferried to Woensdrecht 24 April 2024 as SXI2434.
11334 100 VH-FNC Alliance bought this F100 from Virgin Australia in November 2023 and despite previous plans it remains in service with Virgin (in their livery) until early May 2024. It will continue service with Alliance until late 2024.
11340 100 YR-FKA Carpatair. Noted being disassembled at Arad airport in April 2024. The parts will be transported to Şiria aerodrome, not far from Arad, and reassembled for serving as a restaurant.
11547 70 VH-KBX Alliance Airlines (operating for KBX Pty Ltd). The former Royal Dutch VIP F70 is offered for sale. The aircraft has a very low utilization and is completely intact, but no longer with all original parts (engines, landing gears and APU have been changed). Bids should be placed by 15 May 2024. The aircraft is in open storage in Rockhampton.

The dump corner of Accra airport houses two interesting relics: Ghana Air Force F27-600 G520 (10505) in VIP livery and F27-400M G522 (10518) in camo colors. Both are in a very poor condition. (Rednasz; Accra, 31 March 2024)


The owner of Karun Airlines has preserved an F50 as a monument with his initials forming the fake registration EP-YPZ. It actually is EP-NFD (20234), which never flew for his airline. The aircraft is placed on poles at a boulevard along the Karun river in Ahwaz. (Hesan_hsnzde; Ahwaz, 18 March 2024)


To our surprise, F100 2-OAOM (11321, former 4O-AOM of Montenegro Airlines) is already painted in the colors of its new operator Skyward Express of Kenya. It arrived at the home base of Airline Fleet Support B.V., the current owner, for pre-delivery maintenance. (Hans Hoffmann; Woensdrecht, 24 April 2024)


Another of the F100s that were phased out by Carpatair will commence a new life. YR-FKA (11340) was carefully disassembled at Arad airport, to be rebuilt at the small aerodrome of Şiria, some 30 km more east, where it will serve as a restaurant. (Voicu Tãmaş; Arad, 18 April 2024)


F100 5Y-SKC (11395) that was recently delivered to Skyward Express is now painted in their full livery. (Fly Skyward Express; Nairobi-Jomo Kenyatta, 30 March 2024)


Former Dutch Government F70 (11547) was acquired by Alliance Airlines in 2017. At that time it was rather low in hours and VH-KBX has not flown much since and is now offered for sale. While there are abundant pictures from the exterior available, interior views are quite rare. The aircraft is configured for 24 passengers, with 12 berthable seats in the main VIP cabin plus 12 first class seats in the aft cabin. (Peter van Oostrum; unknown location, 2024)


All photographers named above, Merv Crowe, Frank Ellemers, Flickr, Jan Homma, Infodefensa, Krijn Oostlander, Peter van Oostrum, Planespotters, Skyliner, Time Air Historical Society, Henk Wadman, Chris Witt, WoensdrechtAS forum.

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