Fokkernews August 2022 (issue 56)

General news

Alliance Airlines have sold their remaining five F50, which marks the end of turboprop operations for the airline. These F50s were mainly used on the Adelaide to Olympic Dam route, which is operated on behalf of the BHP mining company and they have recently been replaced with Fokker jets. Three F50s will fly out to the new operator, the others will be scrapped at Adelaide for parts. The buyer is an undisclosed operator in South America.
The new maintenance facility of Alliance Airlines in Rockhampton, Queensland is expected to open in February 2023. All heavy maintenance for the Fokker and Embraer fleet will be performed their instead of by parties abroad.

Fokker F27, Fokker 50 & Fokker 60

c/n type registration new registration comment
10176 100 VH-JCC Aircruising Australia. Wreck noted at Tamworth airport 2 August 2022 in pretty poor condition, just like the picture in Fokkernews 47.
10295 400 5Y-SEP Tracep Congo Aviation. This small Congolese airline has apparently acquired a cargo Friendship from Safari Express.
10669 500F 10669 Philippines Air Force. This Friendship is now stored, presumably at Manilla airport.
10687 500 VT-NEK NEPC Airlines. After many years in storage at Chennai, the fuselage was recently transported to Delhi, where it will become a restaurant.
20119 050F 5Y-JWY Jetways Airlines appears to be the operator, not Silverstone Air Services as mentioned in Fokkernews 53.
20125 050E SE-KTD 5Y-JSN The identity of the recently crashed F50 has now become known. According to our database the aircraft was delivered from Sweden to Silverstone Air Services in September 2021, and at the time of the accident it was operated by Icon Aviation on behalf of the United Nations. The actual data of lease to Icon Aviation remains to be elucidated.
20147 050E SE-LIP 5Y-GMS Aerospace Consortium is now confirmed as the operator, instead of Jubba Airways (Fokkernews 43). In view of the registration this is not unexpected, as their two F27 were also in the 5Y-GM* series.
20286 050 VH-FKZ Alliance Airlines. Was the very last F50 to make a revenue flight for Alliance, on 14 August 2022 from Adelaide to Olympic Dam and back as UTY3240/3241.
20306 050 VH-FKW Alliance Airlines. Made last revenue flight on 13 August 2022 from Adelaide to Olympic Dam and back as UTY3204/3205.

Fokker F28, Fokker 70 & Fokker 100

c/n type registration new registration comment
11162 3000C FAC1041 Colombia Air Force. Made post-maintenance testflifghts at Woensdrecht 3 and 10 August 2022 (twice). It departed home 11 August 2022, routing via Reykjavik, Narsarsuaq, Gander, Atlantic City and Fort Lauderdale and arrived in Bogota 13 August, using its serial as callsign.
11318 100 VH-FWI Virgin Australia. Performed it last commercial flight on 31 July 2022, from Broome to Perth. Subsequently it flew to Port Hedland and Singapore-Seletar 6 and 7 August to be parted out by Fokker Services there.
11329 100 EP-ATG Iran Aseman Airlines. Seen in service 29 June 2022.
11369 100 YR-FKB Carpatair. AirBaltic has extended the lease of this F100 until 29 October 2022, as unavailability of spare parts for their Airbus 220 fleet continues.
11581 070 5Y-JWF Premier Airline. This South Sudanese airline has leased their first jet from Jetways, supposedly from April 2022.

The former WDL Friendship fleet has been in storage in a remote corner of Cologne airport. Recently, D-BAKD (10179) was moved to a spot closer to the terminal, where it is easier to photograph. The aircraft has no registration or titles. (Anton van Ruiten; Cologne, 11 August 2022)


As reported previously, Congolese airline Air Kasaï has started scheduled flights with a leased F50 5Y-SKN (20110). Here is a decent picture showing its livery. (Actufly Unacrdc on Facebook; unknown location, 1 July 2022)


Iranian airline Mahan Air appears be the latest Fokker customer, now they have acquired a first F50, EP-FQB (20263), formerly operating with Qeshm Air. The picture shows that the technical staff is working to get the plane ready for its first flight. (Alireza Arafzadeh on Instagram; Kerman, 4 July 2022)


In 1994 Kelowna Flightcraft Air Charter bought Fairchild F-27J C-GCRA (52), but never took it in active service. All those years it sits in a remote spot at Kelowna Municipal airport, see Google Earth (49.9482, -119.3729), initially in the basic colors of previous operator Norcanair, later in a simple corporate-like scheme. It is missing many parts. (Vernon Harvey on Flickr; Kelowna, 19 July 2022)


After more than seven months of heavy overhaul, Colombia Air Force FAC1041 (11162), made a pre-delivery testflight from Woensdrecht in perfect weather conditions. During the testflight an air-to-air photo meeting was organized with a Dutch Harvard, resulting in this fabulous picture. The Fellowship is now 42 years old and still looking splendid. (Ben Ullings on Facebook; in-flight over Zeeland province, 3 August 2022)


The former showpiece of the Ivory Coast Government aircraft fleet TU-VAA (11245) is exposed for at least 10 years to tropical weather conditions and the result is well visible on this picture. The airframe is abandoned together with other governmental planes in the dump area of the airport, it misses many parts and is very dirty. (Anton van Ruiten; Abidjan, 16 May 2022)


Only the tail colors make this F100 recognizable as a former Helvetic aircraft. It sits now for two years in the yard of the Fantázia Liptov Park in central Slovakia and is visible on Google Earth) (49.0966, 19.5967), awaiting to be displayed to the public. (P. Marianic on Flickr; Liptovský Mikuláš, 1 August 2022)


Although this picture does not show the entire aircraft, the essential parts are visible: 5Y-JWF (11581) is now carrying titles and logo of Premier Airlines. (Abdirahiin Sheikh Yusuf Hasan on Facebook; unknown location, 7 August 2022)


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This page contains recent owner & operator changes and other news related to the individual airframes of Fokker F27 (including Fokker 50 & Fokker 60) and Fokker F28 (including Fokker 70 & Fokker 100). Also the Fairchild models F-27 and FH-227 are part of the Fokker Fleetlist. The airframes are printed in chronological order.

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