Picture of the month 70 (October 2023)

A Friendship that was very shortly lived was Eagle Air 5H-HSE (10641). The F27 had about 10 years of service with Oman Aviation/Oman Air, for two periods five-year periods. These were interrupted by a five-year lease to Schreiner Airways, who operated the F27 on behalf of Sonangol in Angola, flying for the local oil industry. After having returned to Oman, the Friendship was leased to a businessman from Tanzania who wanted to start his own airline. Initially it was leased to Eagle Air Ltd., flying as A4O-FE and in November 2000 Eagle Air bought the Friendship and brought it onto the Tanzanian register, flying domestically and to the neighboring countries. Not for long by the way, because it returned to Oman in April 2001 and Eagle Air became defunct in 2002. This rare picture shows the aircraft in full Eagle Air livery. After some years of storage in Bangkok it ended its flying career in Kuala Lumpur, where it currently is in use an instructional airframe at the Kolej Tafe technical school. (Patrice Aubertin on airliners.net; Muscat, 30 June 2001)

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