Fokkernews September 2023 (issue 69)

General news

JetAir Caribbean will soon decide on a successor type for their F70 fleet, planned to enter service in 2024.

Fokker F27, Fokker 50 & Fokker 60

c/n type registration new registration comment
10260 200 HB-ISH Sunshine Aviation. This Friendship has served for almost 30 years as a trainer for the Basle airport fire brigade. It was recently completely parted out and scrapped.
10450 600 D-AELM This former WDL Friendship is currently being transformed into a coffeebar that will open soon as an outpost of the V8 Motorworld hotel Köln. The aircraft is still in bare metal.
20240 50 SE-LFD Amapola Flyg. Ferried from Clark via Utapao, Nagpur, Dubai, Hurghada and Sofia to Malmö, 4 to 6 September 2023, still in Leading Edge colors and using its registration as callsign. Reportedly destined for PopulAir.
20251 50 SE-MFO PopulAir. Ferried from Norwich to Malmö 5 September 2023 after having been painted into the new livery.
20258 50 SE-LFE Amapola Flyg. Delivered from Clark to Malmö 11 to 14 September 2023, with all details the same as sister ship SE-LFD above.
34 F LV-WDN Pampa Lineas Aéreas. Seen in derelict condition at Melilla-Angel S Adami aerodrome near Montevideo 8 August 2023.

Fokker F28, Fokker 70 & Fokker 100

c/n type registration new registration comment
11006 1000 OB-1779P Nuevo Continente. Seen derelict on the dump corner at Lima on 11 August 2023 in faded Aero Continente colors.
11087 1000 OB-1780P Nuevo Continente. Noted on the dump area at Lima on 11 August 2023, derelict and still in faded Aero Continente colors.
11097 1000 OB-1750P Nuevo Continente. Seen derelict in the corrosion corner at Lima on 11 August 2023.
11306 100 VH-XWR Alliance Airlines. Seen at Rockhampton 22 September 2023 with sticker promoting the 2023 Longreach Cup (horse races). Sister ship VH-UQF (11456) carried the same sticker last May.
11391 100 VH-FSW Virgin Australia. Made its last commercial flight from Perth to Onslow and back on 22 September 2023. Then ferried to Port Hedland and Singapore-Seletar 22 and 23 September 2023 as VA9945 for onward storage and sale.
11536 70 5B-DDA 5Y-SKX Skyward Express. Delivered 22 and 23 September 2023 from Woensdrecht, via Luxembourg, Heraklion and Jeddah to Nairobi-Jomo Kenyatta; all white.
11570 70 PZ-TFB Fly AllWays. Made testflights out of Paramaribo 19 September 2023, so the oil pressure issue has likely been solved.
11582 70 PJ-JAC JetAir Caribbean. Withdrawn from use 28 August 2023, due to costs of C-check exceeding aircraft value. Engine and other parts were used for repairing sister ship PJ-JAB (11585). It was intended to be replaced by an F70 on lease from Fly All Ways, but the usual radar websites do not indicate operations from Curaçao.
11585 70 PJ-JAB JetAir Caribbean. Had not flown since January 2023 due to pressurization issues. Returned into service 15 September 2023 with one engine and some other parts from PJ-JAC (11582).

After the Uruguayan Air Force had withdrawn T-560 (CX-BHV, 10199) from active service in the late 1990s, it resided with several scrap dealers in the Montevideo region. The aircraft looks in poor condition, but is still fairly complete. (Lucas31 Transport Photography on Flickr; Montevideo 7 August 2023)


A rare sight this Swedish-registered F50 still in Leading Edge livery. SE-LFD (20240) is the first of two F50s that Largus Aviation (the parent company to Amapola Flyg) recently acquired. It will soon be added to the PopulAir, fleet and likely painted in their new livery. (Patrik Möller on Facebook; Malmö, 9 September 2023)


A second F50 was painted in the new PopulAir livery; this time SE-MFO (20251) that had arrived in Leading Edge colors on 24 August. It was pictured on departure back home to Malmö. (Graham Reeve; Norwich, 5 September 2023)


The second of the “new” F50s for Largus Aviation arrived in Sweden from the Philippines, still in Leading Edge colors: SE-LFE (20258). Also this one will get the new PopulAir livery and fly domestic passenger services. (Patrik Möller on Facebook; Malmö, 14 September 2023)


For over 20 years Fairchild F-27A LV-WDN (034) is stored at the Ángel S. Adami general aviation airport in Melilla, close to Montevideo. It was abandoned there when Pampa Lineas Aéreas ceased to exist and is in a very sorry state. (Lucas31 Transport Photography on Flickr; Melilla, 8 August 2023)


One of the three Fairchild FH-227s that the Uruguayan Air Force has had on strength, is preserved for posterity as a monument on the premises of the 1st Brigada Aérea at Montevideo airport. The airframe, T-572 (574), looks in reasonable condition. (Lucas31 Transport Photography on Flickr; Montevideo 7 August 2023)


The dump corner of Lima international airport houses some 20 derelict airliners, among which three Fellowships that were left when Nuevo Continente went defunct in 2004: OB-1779-P (11006), OB-1780-P (11087) and OB-1750-P (11097). The two former are still in the color scheme of its predecessor Aero Continente, whereas OB-1750-P has the Nuevo Continente livery. All three are in bad condition. (Lucas31 Transport Photography on Flickr; Lima, 11 August 2023)


Alliance Airlines VH-XWR (11306) got a decal promoting the 2023 Longreach Cup. (Steve Vit on Facebook; Rockhampton, 22 September 2023)


Few weeks before its retirement Virgin Australia Regional Airlines VH-FSW (11391) was seen parked between two flights. (Merv Crowe; Perth, 13 August 2023)


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